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Understanding your website
Let others understand you

The fact that you are on this page we are assuming you want to design a website. Creating a website is a two way street; understanding what you do and how we can make that happen. A synergy in our thoughts is the key for us to showcase our up-to date skills in web technology to make others understand you.

How do we Work
Simply Systematic

You call us—we meet–we discuss–we decide–we deliver.

And not to miss out, we provide ‘ Training on how to manage your website to make our lives easier.’ You do not have to be a geek to manage your website, if you know how to use the computer and you use the internet, we will make sure you can run your website. We have DONE it already.

What do we NEED to build your website
Just a few things

  • Logo – Understanding the colors and concept of the logo gives a good understanding of the look and feel of your website
  • Contents/Write ups- Creative web content gives you better search engine ranking
  • Pictures- Eye capturing pictures sure can do magic to your website
  • A sample design (If you have a website you like in particular)- We can better understand your taste and preference

And of course, we provide almost all the services mentioned above.

How long would it Take?
Ready. Set. Done

Once we have the logo, we will start on the layout of the website. We will then code the website and upon delivery of the pictures and content, we will upload the contents. It will just take us a few minutes to buy the domain and host your website on our server and there you go, you have your website up and running.

A break down of duration of services;

  • Logo- A Week
  • Content- A Week
  • Web Development and launch- 2 Weeks

How much does it Cost?
I know you are curious

Well what are you waiting for, just get a quote or call us.

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