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QuickPay is an online invoicing and payment service that enables hoteliers to accept online payments from their clients instantly. Clients can use their VISA and MASTER verified credit card or debit card to make the payment.With QuickPay:

  1. Hotel owners can confirm all tentative future bookings by receiving advance payment online
  2. Payment can be received in INR and USD
  3. Hotel owners can track all payment status online
  4. Hotel owners can use QuickPay when Point of Sales machines do not work to receive payment
  5. Receive payments for reservations from other online booking channels such as booking.com

How QuickPay works?

Step 1: Create an invoice

Step 2: Share the invoice to your client over email

Step 3: Client clicks on the link generated in the invoice

Step 4: Client enters his/her card detail and compete the payment process

Why QuickPay?

  1. Reduce last minute cancellation and no show losses by securing payments for all advance booking
  2. Make it extremely easy for your potential clients to make reservation at your hotel

Transaction Fee: 4% of the total amount transferred is levied as service fee per transaction.
Service fee includes 3.5% bank card transaction charges and 0.5% QuickPay service fee

Sign up Process: We offer online registration service for your convenience. The sign up process will take up to 2 working days. You will receive a login credential to access the QuickPay service once the registration process is complete and start using INSTANTLY.

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