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As a customer/user of Drukhost, you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions of Drukhost, Green e-Solutions.

Domain Registration

After you have confirmed the registration of your domain name, the purchase will be final and non-refundable. You will be the sole owner of the domain name and all responsibilities will be your own.
Drukhost will send you email reminders when your domain name is nearing it’s expiry date. Drukhost shall not be held responsible for the loss/unavailability of your domain due to non-renewal on the customer’s part.

Web Hosting


Drukhost agrees to provide the advertised services to the customer upon full advance payment. Every feature/service purchased by the customer as per the service plan will be provided by Drukhost.


All payment for services by the customer will be paid in advance except when explicitly notified by Drukhost.

The customer will be notified prior to the expiry of their service. During renewal, a due period of 30 days will be given by Drukhost, after which if the payment for the service has still not been made, the service account will be terminated and all files deleted from Drukhost’s servers. Drukhost will not be held responsible for the loss of customer’s files and data due to non-payment for services.


All hosting services come with a 30 day money back period. If a customer finds the service not up to his/her satisfaction, a refund for the full amount of the hosting fees will be made by Drukhost to the customer. The refund request will have be to be made within 30 days of account activation, after which no refund requests will be entertained by Drukhost.

This refund policy will only apply to Hosting Servies and Other services such as Domain Registrations/Renewals, SSL Certificates, Web Design will not be included for this refund policy.

Service Availability & SLA

Drukhost will guarantee 99.9% uptime for its hosting services. This uptime only constitutes the network availability. Drukhost makes no guarantee for software or hardware failures.

Drukhost expressly reserves the right to suspend, interfere with, impair or terminate service(s) as necessary for purposes of upgrades, maintenance,  or repair (either by Drukhost or any other partners of Drukhost).

Abuse & Account Termination

The customer accepts to use Drukhost’s services in a legal and fair manner. Drukhost reserves the right to terminate a customer’s service without refunds for the following activities:

– Sending of spam from customer’s account
– Hosting of illegal and illegally obtained copyrighted content
– Hosting of pornography or adult content
– Child pornography is strictly forbidden, and will be reported to Law Enforcement Agencies
– Carrying out hacking, brute force, phishing attacks using Drukhost’s servers
– Causing high load to Drukhost’s servers as a result of customer’s improper usage of his/her account

In the event of an abuse, Drukhost will notify the customer and ask the customer to stop the said abuse. Repeated abuse by the customer will result in his/her account being suspended temporarily or permanently terminated as per the severity of the abuse.


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