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To securely access your Cpanel account or FTP into your account, the below information will help you to access your account in a secure and encrypted way.

For Cpanel:

You can access your cpanel account by going to https://www.drukhost.com/cpanel. When doing so, please ensure that the protocol you are using is HTTPS and not HTTP.

For Ftp:

Normally, you can access your ftp account by using ftp.drukhost.com or ftp.yourdomain.com as the hostname in your FTP client software (Eg. Filezilla). However, this method is not encrypted and is subject to man in the middle attacks where all data communication can be snooped and intercepted by third parties. This data will include your account username and password. If you are using a connection that you do not trust, you should use an encrypted FTP connection.

To use an encrypted connection, follow the below guide:

1. Use ftpes://ftp.drukhost.com as the hostname in your FTP client program

2. Once you are connected, a certificate dialog prompt will open, you will need to make sure that the certificate is issued to *.drukhost.com  and then accept the certificate.

3. After that, all FTP communication between you and our server is encrypted and protected by SSL

Note: Also make sure that you do not save passwords in your FTP client programs(eg. Filezilla). In the event of your personal computer getting infected by malware you run the risk of getting your FTP credentials exposed to the malware. Once your credentials are exposed, SSL encryption will not be any help.

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