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We have recently finished developing and testing our Wifi hotspot service (www.bhutanwifi.com).

This service is aimed at business establishments (restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc.) in Bhutan that want to offer free or paid Internet Wifi to their customers and users. The current practice of offering wifi internet service to customers is by manually giving the customers the wifi passwords (WEP, WPA keys). This method has the following disadvantages:

  • There is no monitoring or limiting the usage by the customer and it often results in excessive internet bills at the end of the month
  • A single customer is able to use the whole internet bandwidth(speed), thereby resulting in a poor service for other users in the network
  • Once a customer is given the Wifi password, he/she will be able to access the wifi network anytime. The only way to prevent this is to keep changing the wifi password

With our new Wifi Hotspot Service, the above problems can be completely avoided. The features and advantages of our Wifi service are:

  • Generate specific username/passwords (vouchers) for your customers/users
  • You will be able to keep an open Wifi Network without any passwords, so no more manually giving password to your customers/users. Even if the user/customer connects to your Wifi network, he/she will not be able to connect to the internet. They will have to enter a username and a password (voucher)
  • You will be able to set billing plans/usage plans, meaning, you will be able to control the amount of data, time and the speed of the internet of your users. Once a user has exhausted his data/time quota, he/she will not be able to use the internet
  • No expensive equipment required. All you need to use our service is purchase a single wireless router from us. The rest of our service runs in the cloud, so no need for servers, expensive routers etc.

For more details and pricing, visit www.bhutanwifi.com

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